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Architect Peter Willis of WGA Willis Greenhalg, has designed for us a new range of Pavillion Style Homes - homes that are innovative, ecological; homes that blend with the environment.

Our new range is very energy efficient - that is, warmer in winter and cooler in summer; wiith windows, door openings and breezeways strategically placed to utilise as much natural light and crossflow ventilation as possible, thereby reducing heating, cooling and lighting costs.

The design is also about utilising the best rooms in the house - the outdoor rooms!

Covered walkways, decks and breezeways; the Pavillion style can be configured or staged in many different ways to suit the client's requirements, and can be from one to five bedrooms or more, all with high cathedral ceilings.

The Pavillion Style Homes can be constructed almost anywhere- from level to very difficult sloping sites, with a mimimal disturbance to the terrain.

The all steel frame and floor system is quick and simple to erect and is pre-packed for transport to almost anywhere.

We normally supply the kit for you to build the home to lock-up stage. You are then free to fit out the home to suit your personal taste and style - and in doing so, make enormous savings!

Front Elevation

Front Elevation

Side Elevation

Side Elevation

Rear Elevation

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